Almonasiq Oil Service

Al-Monasiq limited liability company was established in (2014) in accordance with the current laws and legislations in the Libyan state It owns all modern and specialized equipment to carry out all of the work assigned to it with high quality and accuracy and according to the approved international specifications and standards.
As it is one of the leading companies specialized in technical services related to the work of supplying and installing equipment and providing all the facilities attached to it in oil fields 


 Implementing drilling works for oil, gas, water and fire brigade lines and maintaining and checking it out and installation and maintenance of alarm systems and the communication for different oil sites and the implementation of all preparation and settlement work and the civil works necessary for the establishment of camps, oil sites, and the establishment of metal construction (hangers) and the maintenance for them.
 Carrying out handling and transportation work between different oil sites and ports, in addition to renting machines, engines and, renting drilling rigs, supplying, installing and maintaining drilling equipment and supplies such as pumps, valves, casing pipes, cementing operations, drilling fluids, and supplying oils, greases and other products.
Provide all spare parts, machinery and equipment for oil sector services and the materials it needs from equipment and products needed to practice its activity.
carrying out general cleaning work for camps, residential and administrative sites, and factories, while providing materials and equipment for that.
Provide consultancy and training services for the basic skills needed to manage oil projects and related specialized vocational training work, and providing various logistical services to oil sites and onshore and offshore facilities.
Establishment, management, operation, investigation, and investment of fixed and movable fuel distribution stations and facilities, fuel collection tanks, oil derivatives, oil and gas tankers, and platform supply vessel (PSV). 

Almonasiq For Oil Service
Mustafa Kamel Street, Dahra
Tripoli Libya

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  • Mobile: +218 91 315 4393 :محمول
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